January 29, 2009

Mission Statement

It shall be the goal of the department to utilize its resources to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants and the environment from the adverse effects of fires, sudden medical emergencies or exposure to dangerous conditions created by man or nature; first to the corporation, second to those municipalities requiring assistance through the authorized emergency fire service plan (mutual aid) and third to those municipalities which are provided fire protection services by the department under an authorized agreement.
In order to accomplish this goal the department was mandated to, "Provide a range of programs including but not limited to the following."

  1. Fire suppression response of all types.
  2. Emergency medical response, Level A.
  3. Response to vehicle accidents and extrication.
  4. Response to farm, home and industrial accidents.
  5. Response to public hazards.
  6. Response to hazardous material incidents and awareness levels.
  7. Provision of rescue services in fire and other than fire situations.
  8. Search and rescue services.
  9. Disaster and emergency planning.
  10. Fire cause determination and investigation.
  11. Fire prevention services and inspections.
  12. Public education services and programs.
  13. Shore based water rescue, Level 1.

All Firefighters are trained and certified in Advanced First Aid and C.P.R. The department has also become involved in providing defibrillator services to enhance our capabilities in serving our community. The Firefighters train three times each month to ensure all members are ready to respond to any type of call they may receive. The Firefighters provide Public Education and Fire Prevention to the community by visiting local schools and groups.